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Top 10 WLAN Solution Providers - 2016

Over a surprisingly brief period, the use of enterprise networking has grown from limited experimentation at the edge of corporate practice to what’s now the mainstream. Wireless LAN technologies had played a huge role in this. WLAN helps enterprise networks to interconnect every element of the organization–from mobile devices and printers, through laptops, critical servers, storage devices, and dozens of applications. Each element processes and stores corporate data in some way and can be operated by numerous people who are often geographically distributed across multiple time zones.

Today, WLANs are reaching maturity after quietly giving users steadily improving wireless access for years. But the pace of technological innovation is leaving some WLANs a little behind the times. In this scenario, innovative developments in this area promise to get enterprise Wi-Fi back up to speed through improved wireless performance, and administrators who adjust their approach to equipment and network design methodologies can take advantage of greater device densities and faster Wi-Fi speeds.

The WLAN networks of the future should be able to meet the demands of a hyper-convergence era, where all services will be delivered by a common network–not only for voice, video and data, but also for storage and computing.

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