Xirrus: High-Performance Wireless Network

Xirrus: High-Performance Wireless Network

Shane Buckley, CEO, XirrusShane Buckley, CEO
With the explosion of smartphones and tablets, mobility has become ubiquitous with the demand to connect devices wirelessly. Organizations depend on high-bandwidth to send and receive voice, video and data, from any device to anyone. To this end, Xirrus provides a vital strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage to industries that depend on wireless to operate business-critical applications. “Our suite of Wi-Fi optimized solutions – arrays, access points, cloud services, and wired switches–provides seamless connectivity and unified management across the network,” says Shane Buckley, CEO, Xirrus. They provide unique array-based solutions that work under most demanding circumstances, offering consistent “wired-like” performance with superior coverage and security.

Xirrus supercharges businesses with robust Wi-Fi solutions that are secure, simple to operate, and comprised of all the features needed for today’s BYOD business environment. Wi-Fi is now an integral part of the IT infrastructure, often the primary connectivity option. Xirrus deploys zero-touch and simple-to-use cloud-based management to offer a network that is adaptable and upgradable. The firm’s new wireless standard 802.22ac breaks down the conventional method of deploying thin access points tied to central controllers and provides 3 to 5 times more than that of 802.11n speeds. Xirrus gives pre-defined and customizable reports about network usage, including data regarding applications, clients, APs (Access Points), and overall network performance as well as traffic statistics for troubleshooting, trend analysis, and capacity planning.

Xirrus’s XMS-Enterprise improves Wi-Fi management with a comprehensive suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools to furnish, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks from a single intuitive console. Delivered as an on-premise platform, this easy-to-use management system brings in rich functionality and powerful insights supporting Wi-Fi network with thousands of access points.

Our suite of WI-FI optimized solutions provide seamless connectivity and unified management across the network

Designed for massive scalability, XMS-Enterprise delivers a prolific set of proactive alerts, notifications, and assurance capabilities that increases the availability and uptime of the Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, it offers a suite of integrated services, including automatic performance optimizations and EasyPass Guest, which allows visitors to self-register or use social media credentials to connect. Through this, IT administrators gain full visibility into guest activities with the ability to enforce access policies anytime through cloud.

With a huge number of customer solutions deployed globally, Xirrus maintains operations and partnerships worldwide. In one instance, Xirrus assisted Greater Atlanta Christian School (GACS) as they were in need of a wireless solution that could reliably support thousands of wireless devices campus-wide. Running into roadblocks, they required a future-proof solution scalable enough to triple bandwidth consumption to over 4,000 devices across their campus. Fulfilling the client’s requirement, Xirrus provided a solution with 4 to 16 radios per array for increased user density, reliability and access. The Thousand Oaks, CA based firm, also supported them with high-gain directional antennas for more coverage with fewer arrays and distributed intelligence per array simplifying integration into the network. Using Xirrus, GACS was able to save substantially on infrastructure costs and cable, and offer superior wireless reliability throughout the campus.

Over the coming years, the company will continue to scale new heights by delivering innovative products that support customers to harness the cognitive prowess of digital natives. Further, Xirrus aims to provide predictable application performance to prioritize critical apps relying on an effective and reliable technology strategy.