WiTuners: Gateway to Optimized Network Performance

WiTuners: Gateway to Optimized Network Performance

Luke Qian, CEO, WiTunersLuke Qian, CEO
With companies utilizing numerous mobile devices and portable applications to enhance their business performance, the network traffic is increasing, thereby, slowing down enterprises’ Wi-Fi networks. In this business scenario, WiTuners, a firm based in Solon, OH, is helping clients maintain their Wi- Fi networks and keep their WLANs operating at peak performance round the clock. “Our Wi-Fi optimization software can tune business WLAN in seconds,” delineates Luke Qian, CEO, WiTuners. The company, with its advanced Wi-Fi tuning technology is a business enabler for Wi-Fi companies, allowing them to run more Wi-Fi projects in less time, cost and with better quality.

The firm’s automated Wi-Fi Optimization Software suite simplifies WLAN maintenance as the wireless network evolves and conditions change. At the heart of WiTuners’ solution is the WiTuners Optimization Engine which has the capability to ‘think’ as inputs from various sources such as WLAN controllers, predicted wireless control plans, and Wi-Fi site surveys are provided to the software. A virtual WLAN is created within the software which mimics the real WLAN. The Optimization Engine continuously analyzes performance related factors in the virtual wireless network, to predict the network capacity, records and reports issues, alongside creating optimal configurations in real time.

One of the functionalities of the suite, WiTuners On-Demand, enables users to audit and optimize their WLANs in real time. It simply connects to a WLAN by entering the IP address and in some instances can automatically apply the optimization to the wireless network. Clients can click on the audit button to procure a report of the current performance, or the issues and improve the wireless network performance.

Our Wi-Fi optimization software can tune business WLAN in seconds

Additionally, WiTuners Connected, a subscription based Wi-Fi monitoring Software as a Service does not require any additional hardware or changes to the WLAN infrastructure. WiTuners Connected provides pro-active alerts before the occurrence of user complaints. Besides, it offers the ability to track the WLAN configuration history so that users can review their past actions and plan for the future.

The firm also helps clients overcome the security threats of Wi- Fi networks, through its WiTuners Mobile feature, which can detect rogue Access Points (APs). Wi-Fi site survey professionals can check whether these rogue APs are connected to their secure network and take action accordingly. The firm also offers Remote Project Solution, a combination of the Mobile Solutions and WiTuners’ Planner, allowing clients to complete large Wi-Fi projects of multi-site survey and performance assessment. The Remote Project solution can cut down costs by 90 percent as it eliminates the necessity to send engineers to the field to solve problems. Users can procure the data in their local office and send it to the database with just a click.

In an instance, WiTuners assisted a client who deployed Wi-Fi networks and was receiving complaints from end users in a large train station in China. WiTuners Connected enabled the customer to carry out a wireless site survey and detect the numerous poor links and signals in the client’s devices to the access points and the data that was lost due to inadequate network coverage. By identifying the root cause of all the issues, the client was able to seamlessly rectify it and reduce end-user complaints.

WiTuners’ Dashboard, a managed services software for Wi-Fi network performance optimization, enables users to optimize WLANs of various vendors in multiple locations and organizations simultaneously through a unified view. “As more Managed Services providers are using WiTuners dashboard, we will add more functionality to it in the coming years,” concludes Qian.