Relay2: Cloud-managed Wireless Infrastructure for Enhanced Connectivity

Relay2: Cloud-managed Wireless Infrastructure for Enhanced Connectivity

CIO VendorGreg Daily, CEO
The increased reliability and performance of WiFi technology has compelled businesses to toss away the traditional Ethernet connections aside. In such a scenario, businesses need WiFi systems that would allow them to assess and reassess network management, system control, and optimization of WLAN system that are compatible with yesterday's, optimized for today's, and ready for tomorrow's devices. Set against such a backdrop is Relay2, a Milpitas, CA-based firm that offers next-generation WiFi services platform designed to enable businesses and service providers to monetize both horizontal and vertical business applications and services on top of a high-performance Cloud WiFi access network. “Relay2 has the ability to fundamentally change the way in which the industry utilizes the cloud-managed wireless infrastructure, shifting the Wireless LAN from a simple connectivity solution to a powerful WiFi-based service delivery platform that increases productivity and creates new revenue generation opportunities for service providers and end users,” says Greg Daily, CEO, Relay2.

Relay2’s cloud WLAN makes deploying and managing high performance enterprise-class WLANs easy and offers a low total cost of ownership, especially for distributed networks. At the core of the Relay2 Enterprise Cloud WLAN system is a feature rich Relay2 Enterprise Cloud WLAN Network Controller, which provides capabilities, performance and functions of a traditional hardware controller in a cloud-based SaaS solution. The highly scalable Relay2 system supports thousands of high-performance, enterprise-class Relay2 Smart Access Points featuring Plug-and-Play deployment, and easy, intuitive monitoring and control of the wireless LANs from a browser-based console.

The Relay2 WiFi Services Delivery Platform allows organizations to leverage the cloud and their network edge to build, deliver, and manage WiFi monetization business apps that generate engaged customers, motivated employees, and rapid growth for your business. It helps deliver and manage user apps on premise, edge networks and on devices. The single and unified platform enables a new world of revenue-generating WiFi services spanning on-premises customer engagement, mobile content delivery, Internet-of-things connectivity, and business apps.

Our innovative platform not only provides an enterprise-class cloud controlled Wi- Fi infrastructure, but enables users to deliver the value-add services

The Service Delivery Platform leverages the strengths of cloud and network edge to enable innovative new services over WiFi for service providers and their business customers by bringing cloud-managed intelligence, applications, and content to the edge of the network, as close as possible to mobile customers, guests, employees, and smart devices.

Founded in 2011, Relay2 has attracted industry eyeballs with its customer-centric and best of the breed solutions. “Our innovative platform not only provides an enterprise-class cloud controlled Wi-Fi infrastructure, but enables users to deliver the value-add services that are driving business growth across enterprises in multiple vertical markets,” states Daily. In an instance, DPhone, China’s largest mobile phone retail chain was able to simplify its delivery of mobile applications with Relay2’s cloud-controlled Wi-Fi-based Service Delivery Platform. The deployment of the Relay2 platform into more than 500 of DPhone’s retail stores located across 17 provinces enabled DPhone to seamlessly distribute popular partner applications to their customers’ smartphones over in-store WiFi. Not only has Relay2’s plug-and-play access points and cloud-based platform has given DPhone a solution that lowers the cost of deployment and management, but also has paid for itself through incremental revenue from the in-store distribution of third-party mobile apps.

For the future, Relay2 aims to enhance its product line and continue serving customer's pain points. Further, the company has recently announced the closing of $10M in Series D funding during its fourth round of funding.