Mojo Networks: Building Seamless Enterprise Wi-Fi Connectivity

Mojo Networks: Building Seamless Enterprise Wi-Fi Connectivity

Rick Wilmer, CEO, Mojo NetworksRick Wilmer, CEO
Any discussion of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) cannot avoid the issue of network security. In the case of a wireless network, packets of data are required to travel through the air, which makes them prone to interception. This leads to security breaches, which eventually result in theft of sensitive corporate data, causing a loss of trust in the safety of the corporate network that is likely to attract unwanted and damaging attention. Furthermore, for highly distributed enterprises-from retail chains to managed service providers (MSPs)-the challenges of scaling and managing multiple WLANs can quickly spin out of control if not managed by a company which has experience in the field. Founded in 2003, Mojo Networks (formerly known as AirTight Networks) has been attending to these challenges by providing high-performance wireless networking that meets the demands of various organizations. Mojo Wi-Fi provides their clients WLAN features that include content filtering, firewall, QoS, admission control, traffic shaping, and BYOD device onboarding.

Mojo Networks works towards meeting the expectations of their clients in terms of data security, protection, and privacy. Their product Cloud Managed Wi-Fi platform provides clients with access, security, and engagement for their wireless infrastructure. The platform features a Mojo Wireless Manager that operates as a single pane-of-glass for all the network and security policy workflows. The Mojo AirTight offers Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) that uses proprietary techniques to identify and actively defend against wireless threats and attacks. The Mojo Guest Manager takes the public networks to new heights by elevating them to the cloud and introducing a host of advanced features and controls. Finally, Mojo Navigator provides a unique way to organize the Wi-Fi network of an organization that brings ease and automation to network design, deployment and monitoring to name a few.

Mojo Networks works towards meeting the expectations of their clients in terms of data security, protection, and privacy

These factors led The Headland Hotel- a family run, five-star hotel based in Newquay, Cornwall- approach Mojo Networks to address their ever-increasing demand for secure, high-speed guest Wi-Fi. A very well-recognized name in the hospitality industry which opened its gates to the public over 100 years ago, The Headland Hotel has made its name by prioritizing their customers. Consequentially, it only made sense for them to opt for a reliable, secure and fast Wi-Fi connection for their guests. Specifically, they wanted a solution that offered wireless monitoring and protection to comply with the wireless security requirements of PCI DSS. This is when The Headland Hotel decided to deploy secure cloud Wi-Fi with Mojo Networks.

"Mojo was able to provide us the very latest wireless standards as well as the functionality that we need to offer an ideal guest experience at The Headland Hotel,” explains Darryl Reburn, General Manager at The Headland Hotel. "Our guests are much, much happier with their overall experience while visiting The Headland Hotel, thanks to the reliable, secure WiFi access that Mojo provides,” he added.

Mojo Networks simplifies connectivity by offering WLAN solutions that are prolific, intuitive, responsive and above all, trustworthy. Elevating enterprise Wi-Fi into the cloud with the desire to create unprecedented customer experiences and generating tremendous value, Mojo Networks aims to continue to advance their widely acknowledged, industry-leading security capabilities. In the days to come, the company will intend to diligently take the efficacy of the services and solutions they offer to a new height and build a flamboyant reputation in the WLAN landscape.