Cambium Networks: Connecting the Unconnected

Cambium Networks: Connecting the Unconnected

Atul Bhatnagar, President & CEO, Cambium NetworksAtul Bhatnagar, President & CEO
The formation of Cambium Networks was based on the promise of connecting devices, people and places. Today, the company has spearheaded the vision and become a global provider of wireless broadband solutions for connecting the unconnected. Cambium Networks has a plethora of products for Wireless LAN (WLAN), point-to-point (PTP) connectivity and point-to-multipoint (PMP) broadband access that are managed by cloud-based management software. These allow customers to build powerful communications networks that reach users up to a range of 200 kilometers across varied terrains, from mountaintops down to their edge devices.

However, the road to success was not easy. Atul Bhatnagar, CEO of Cambium Networks, says, “Simplifying the complexities in deploying wireless technology remains a concern for organizations today. This is followed by wireless being affected by Radio Frequency (RF) noise, weather conditions, and signal interference, making it more dynamic and non-deterministic.” Cambium Networks’ cnPilot addresses these challenges by providing a complete indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solution. It also allows service providers to use the public Wi-Fi, with high performance and ease of operation and deployment.

The company also offers breakthrough connectivity solutions through its ePMP platform, imbibed with innovative GPS sync technology. Built on a legacy of field-proven technology, ePMP is a groundbreaking platform assuring optimal long-term performance for all. The ePMP networks combine ease of deployment, scalability and quality of service to build strong and sustainable business models, even for low ARPU customers. In addition, the ePMP product line offers ePMP Elevate software—which when installed on the 802.11n based client hardware increases its performance and lifespan. “The idea is to ‘elevate’ the existing wireless hardware of the client for better performance, thereby eliminating the need to invest in new hardware,” says Bhatnagar.

Offering products and solutions of phenomenal quality at affordable prices to customers will always be the top priority for Cambium Networks

The efficiency of Cambium Networks’ wireless products and solutions has been acknowledged by customers as well. Endeavour Africa Group, a leading provider of surveillance solutions in Africa, mentions how Cambium Networks was instrumental in transforming a video surveillance plan for a campus having three factories and a perimeter of 6 KM into reality. The cameras deployed by the Endeavour Group were capable of providing efficient coverage but demanded an extremely reliable LAN connection. Cambium Networks’ ePMP wireless broadband distribution networks were placed at each of the factory locations to cover 75 surveillance camera units, using multiple access points. As a consequence, each camera unit was able to transmit 10 Mbps of data to an access point in a hassle-free manner to a high-resolution screen, thereby demonstrating the high degree of scalability, reliability and security that Cambium Networks products and services can offer. The company views these as factors that have differentiated it from all its competitors. Needless to say, this has been acknowledged by customers, too.

Cambium Networks intends to maintain its focus on customer satisfaction. “Offering products and solutions of phenomenal quality at affordable prices to customers will always be the top priority for Cambium Networks,” states Bhatnagar. As far as engaging the customers is concerned, Bhatnagar does not forget to acknowledge the role of Cambium’s channel partners. “Channel partners understand customer demands well and are responsible for nearly 95 percent of our global sales,” he said. Expanding channels by entering the untapped markets of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia are featured prominently on the company’s roadmap. “Geographical expansion, continuous focus on affordability, and innovation, with new and emerging technologies, will always be our focus,” concluded Bhatnagar.