Aerohive Networks [NYSE:HIVE]: Opening a New Pathway

Aerohive Networks [NYSE:HIVE]: Opening a New Pathway

David K. Flynn, President & CEO, Aerohive NetworksDavid K. Flynn, President & CEO
With the increased implementation of Wi-Fi technology across industries, businesses are demanding for advanced networking solutions and optimization of WLAN systems. WLAN architectures need to be well planned and centralized for better performance. As a Gartner Magic Quadrant for wired and wireless access, Aerohive networks [NYSE:HIVE] delivers SD-LAN that builds an application and policy driven wired and wireless access architecture, providing business continuity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. “One of the secret sauces of our architecture is the ability for access points to talk to each other and synchronize their state, to allow users to roam around and actually allow firewall sessions to move around,” says David K Flynn, CEO, Aerohive. “We also bring deep security expertise over to the wireless world.”

As mobile connectivity is redefining and reshaping businesses and processes, Aerohive provides Wi-Fi and mobility driven solutions and strives to meet the essential pre-requisites of the LAN. Aerohive has developed a cooperative control wireless LAN architecture, which provides all the performance, availability, mobility, and security needed in a large campus deployment, and, with the elimination of controllers in the architecture, is cost effective even in small branch office and warehouse deployments. Aerohive’s Connected Experience is built on three core solutions that unlock the potential of mobility, and make networks easier to design, deploy, and manage: cloud networking, great Wi-Fi and applications.

Aerohive solutions serve various industries like education, healthcare, enterprise, manufacturing, and retail. For instance, in the education space, the company plays a vital role in enabling mobility in a simple, secure, and scalable manner to connect staff, students and visitors.

We also bring deep security expertise over to the wireless world

Catering to the needs of the enterprise is Hive Manager NG, which sets a new standard for simplicity and flexibility in unified networking by combining streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, simplified troubleshooting, and API integrations. It is a cloud-management system that centralizes the management, provisioning, and monitoring of wireless networks without sacrificing distributed intelligence located at the edge of the network. This leads to an increased revenue, reduced costs and new insights. Aerohive’s API platform provides a set of powerful APIs that help enterprises to leverage their Wi-Fi network data through customized applications and networking integrations.

Given the rapid proliferation of devices throughout the network and the explosion of big data, IT experts need to build an intelligent infrastructure, which continuously keeps changing with the pace of change that mobility and IoT have created. There are many instances that prove the dexterity and expertise of Aerohive in the field of wireless networking. One such case is the Royal Botanic Garden in Kew. The challenge was to create new revenue streams that would encourage return visits and continue to provide a holistic experience for their customers. Another aspect was to meet customers’ expectations for reliable network across the garden. Aerohive came up with solution and nearly 130 reliable access points were installed within the garden to provide customers a robust and seamless experience. They also created an app which runs over the top of the Wi-Fi, giving visitors insights on happenings across the Gardens, in turn enhancing the customer experience.

With a complete focus on Wi-Fi and cloud networking, the company is all set for growth in 2017. “In 2017, Aerohive will focus on the value-addition of the software and data sets that come from the network. The really exciting thing in this space is, ‘What can I do with the information that the network provides me?’” says David Greene, CMO, Aerohive. The company is listening carefully to what the network has to say and is fully geared to take longer strides in the times to come.