Aerohive Networks [NYSE: HIVE]: Mobility Changes Everything

Aerohive Networks [NYSE: HIVE]: Mobility Changes Everything

CIO VendorDavid K. Flynn, President and CEO
Supporting wireless mobility requires incessant adoption of new devices in any rapidly flourishing industry. Businesses worldwide are finding it increasingly important to promote a “mobile” work environment, which encourages employees to remain connected to a centralized datacenter to perform tasks. Aerohive Networks provides an ideal foundation for wireless network solutions by delivering simple, secure, and scalable WLAN solutions. “Aerohive’s Connected Experience Platform is a proven solution used by over 22,000 enterprise, education, retail, financial services, and healthcare customers around the world,” says David K. Flynn, President & CEO, Aerohive Networks. “Aerohive delivers an open mobility platform that simplifies and transforms the “Connected Experience”, through information, insights, and applications.”

The HiveManager delivers the “Connected Experience” that showcases Aerohive’s next generation enterprise-class cloud-enabled network management solution. “It sets a new bar for simplicity and flexibility in unified networking by combining streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, simplified troubleshooting, versatile RF planner tools and API integrations,” reveals Flynn. “HiveManager NG provides a platform for enabling a next-generation network with the focus on mobility.” The HiveOS operating system is a mobility-optimized network operating system which implements a suite of proprietary distributed control protocols and policy enforcement engines. Working together, these eliminate the need for controllers, while delivering faultless mobility and context-based policy control. “The Aerohive HiveManager NMS architecture allows administrators to deploy networks and maintain constant visibility and control enabled by a powerful cloud or on-premises platform and ecosystem that bind connectivity, insight, and applications together,” reiterates Flynn.

Aerohive supports and implements standard-based networking protocols to support open networking as well as provide support for third-party components in consumer networks.

Aerohive delivers an open mobility platform that simplifies and transforms the “Connected Experience”, through information, insights, and applications

For Enterprise WLAN surroundings, it is essential that functions viz. power over Ethernet, LLDP and VLANs work efficiently between the wired LAN and WLAN infrastructure components while exhibiting effectiveness and interoperability. “Aerohive's Connected Experience Platform is built on three core solutions of Cloud Networking, great Wi-Fi, and Applications & Insights that unlock the potential of mobility, and make networks easier to design, deploy, and manage,” informs Flynn. The firm’s cloud networking solutions streamline user experience with automated provisioning, guided configuration, and intuitive troubleshooting tools with comprehensive 360 degree view dashboards that reduce the cost and complexity of network operations. A unified layer of access points, switches, and branch routers boasting a unique architecture that reduces costs characterizes the Wi-Fi solutions. Aerohive additionally provides Applications and Insights solutions that help businesses unearth new data sources and opportunities leading to increased productivity and efficiency, ultimately fueling business growth.

Aerohive produces state-of-the-art equipments like Access Points, Routers, and Switches that allow businesses to plan, configure, and deploy a wireless LAN seamlessly. The Aerohive AP1130 802.11ac Extreme Wi-Fi Access Point is a durable, enterprise-grade, high performance (2x2:2) 802.11ac MIMO solution, specifically designed for outdoor high-bandwidth-demand wireless deployments in harsh environments. The BR200 series of routers from the firm comes in three models—the BR200, the BR200-WP, and the BR200-LTE-VZ which runs on the Verizon network. These provide LAN connectivity in-tandem with the feature-rich capabilities of HiveOS routing, including RADIUS server/proxy, secure wired access, and cloud-based management. The Aerohive SR2148P 48 Port Network Switch is a high-performance 52 port switch with 48 ports 802.3at PoE+ and 4 additional 10-Gigabit SFP/SFP+ ports